St Patrick’s day 2012

On St Patrick’s day  we had mass  and it was really nice   after we had morning tea and after morning tea we got changed  into our colour’s. Then we  were in and we went over to  the fired and  there were game’s  and that  we did  ans there was seiner  games and junior games to and we had Heep’s of fun and after all  of the games we had tug of war.The blue win one of them  and so did the red term.Yellow win the racer’s so all the terms  win one  thing.The  day we had  was St Patrick’s  day. It was on the Friday  which was the 16th and  the rellthing  was on the 17th and it was so nice  to be there  and Mary , Beatrice and I  was  on  games  until 5:30 pm  and Breellen  and her Mum   went on from us   so we  got to walk around to   and also witched  somethings  to  like the dress  up Pr ad  that was cool. My  friends little sister Courtenay  win  for the little girls one  and for the little boys on  Thomas   Myer  win for  the little boys  and for the seiner girl Evelina   and Sahara  win  for  the seiners  and it was better then last year  because  it was over at the fired  and it was really nice to be there.

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