In the holidays

In the holidays  I went to my uncoils  with my dad and  my sister  for one and haft on Sunday  for breakfast  we all went to a Irish restaurant and we also got to cash up with our cousins and we also got  a Guitar there are some other things that I did in the holiday  and they are  going to the mall  with friends  as well.What I also did  was  having lots of sleepovers with my friends and  going to there houses too.When I went to my uncoils  I got to see my cousin Kerstin and Oliver and Tobey. It was really nice to see my cousins because I don’t  get to see them much  because two  live in Napier Kerstin my  cousin moves to  the Southland  and i will miss her so much  but when  she comes to visit down here will will do something together  and it will be nice  to see her .I hope u had a great holiday and that u enjoy it because I did and i hope that u like this post and  wish to Leave  a comment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “In the holidays

  1. Hi Stevie

    Petra here , well I think you know that all ready but I think you need to prof read you narrative writing and fix it …. but any way good blog post.

    please make a comment on my blog ……. PLEASE!!!!!.

  2. Hey petra thanks for the comment love to comment on your bog sometime k i will not forget to comment

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