Term 3 reflection :D

This term  I have liked learning  about marbles to do with science and  I also like  doing SRA’S  because you can get better at Spelling 
and you can  move up in the colour you are in . In maths I  like learning  Maths because its fun and you can get better and better
and its fun to learn new things and I  really like Reading because you can get better  and   I like French  because we learn about the country  we learn the numbers in French and that we have the opportunity for us to do  French on a Tuesday and that we are going to have a great  YEAR  and its going to be great time here . wish to leave  a comment  🙂

One thought on “Term 3 reflection :D

  1. Hi Stevie,
    I think you should add some more on your description in what we did in French like learning the food and that kind of stuff. I think you should add some more stuff about SRA and tell them all about it how it helps you and you shouldn’t say and you should just start a new sentence in stead but it is still really good the rest of it. 🙂

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