About Me

Hi  my name is Stevie I am 10 years old I have four cats, one rabbit, one brid.  I have Blue eyes, brown hair and I have pail skin.  There is four in my family My Dad,My Mum,Nikita and me.  My favourite food to eat is Macaroni Cheese My favourite sweet is Chocolate.  My cats names are Roxy ,Patch,Simba and Shylo my Rabbits name is Snowy and My brids name is Ziggy. I guess I have to go now bye.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey Stevie
    Thats a great About me page But I don’t think your 10 anymore 🙂 Maybe you should update it.

    I love your blog it’s so happy and colourful. I have the same style as you I also have “Notebook chaos”

    See you around 😛

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