Hey everyone

Hey everyone how are you well I’m great at college and its really awesome I’v made great friends but i will not for get u all from st pats school miss u all have a great year lots from me /Stevie  year 8’s enjoy being a year 8  and year 7’s enjoy because you still have a never year to go so don’t for get that and year 6 have fun with  3 more years  to go  bye 

Term 3 reflection :D

This term  I have liked learning  about marbles to do with science and  I also like  doing SRA’S  because you can get better at Spelling 
and you can  move up in the colour you are in . In maths I  like learning  Maths because its fun and you can get better and better
and its fun to learn new things and I  really like Reading because you can get better  and   I like French  because we learn about the country  we learn the numbers in French and that we have the opportunity for us to do  French on a Tuesday and that we are going to have a great  YEAR  and its going to be great time here . wish to leave  a comment  🙂

science road show fair reflection

The best thing   about going to the  science road show fair  
 was the foam because you can use different food colouring 
 and  see it explode  but  there were many  more  exhibits. 
I think the foam  was amazing  to  see and also  I think 
the fonterra  science road show  was awesome and 
worth seeing  again. by Stevie 🙂

Year 7,8 camp for 2012

Next  week year 7,8 go on camp and its going to be so much fun because 
we  are  going skying and snowboarding some of us are skying  and some 
of us are snowboarding  I’m doing skying because its much easier then 
snowboarding  and my sister has been skying before and she said that 
skying is easier  so I’m doing it to  because it looks FUN. Oh its gonna  
 be the best camp for the year 7,8’s  I can’t wait to go to the camp. 🙂 
But I feel so sorry  for the year 6 people because they are not going 
with us. The camp is only three days though and we go next Wednesday
and come back Friday. 🙂 😀 

In the holidays

In the holidays  I went to my uncoils  with my dad and  my sister  for one and haft on Sunday  for breakfast  we all went to a Irish restaurant and we also got to cash up with our cousins and we also got  a Guitar there are some other things that I did in the holiday  and they are  going to the mall  with friends  as well.What I also did  was  having lots of sleepovers with my friends and  going to there houses too.When I went to my uncoils  I got to see my cousin Kerstin and Oliver and Tobey. It was really nice to see my cousins because I don’t  get to see them much  because two  live in Napier Kerstin my  cousin moves to  the Southland  and i will miss her so much  but when  she comes to visit down here will will do something together  and it will be nice  to see her .I hope u had a great holiday and that u enjoy it because I did and i hope that u like this post and  wish to Leave  a comment. 🙂

In the amazing holiday

On the first  week of the holidays  I went to  one of my  best friends house  
and we which a move  but I did  not stay the night ,oh and her name is Olivia Chapman 
and we were looking  after this girl and her  name is Ellie  in the next week  
 of the holidays I went glow blowing  with Anna, Olivia,Janie and I  glow 
blowing is when you go at night time  and it is really amazing oh and on 
Friday  I  stay at my friends house  and we which  wild child,Justin Bieber
never say never and another Cinderella story  and we almost which the 
last song  but it  way to lat  so we didn’t .Oh and this is all about my holiday.

The best thing’s this year

Well this year its been really awesome.Really like the things that we do in class  and I like  coming to learn. I  really like to reading  and righting  sometimes  the books that I read are chapter books. The challenge that I found was maths and i’v been looking on my time tables  because I still need to work on them and really learn them  because  when I practice  I still get some wrong. but I am getting a bit better and  I like spelling.

St Patrick’s day 2012

On St Patrick’s day  we had mass  and it was really nice   after we had morning tea and after morning tea we got changed  into our colour’s. Then we  were in and we went over to  the fired and  there were game’s  and that  we did  ans there was seiner  games and junior games to and we had Heep’s of fun and after all  of the games we had tug of war.The blue win one of them  and so did the red term.Yellow win the racer’s so all the terms  win one  thing.The  day we had  was St Patrick’s  day. It was on the Friday  which was the 16th and  the rellthing  was on the 17th and it was so nice  to be there  and Mary , Beatrice and I  was  on  games  until 5:30 pm  and Breellen  and her Mum   went on from us   so we  got to walk around to   and also witched  somethings  to  like the dress  up Pr ad  that was cool. My  friends little sister Courtenay  win  for the little girls one  and for the little boys on  Thomas   Myer  win for  the little boys  and for the seiner girl Evelina   and Sahara  win  for  the seiners  and it was better then last year  because  it was over at the fired  and it was really nice to be there.

Sophie and the wood’s.

There is this  girl,  she’s a new guardian  and  her name is Sophie.There are  six gem’s  in the  book that they need to find. Sophie is the main character in the book She is my favourite  There are also  Goblin’s  in it as well. The characters in this book are, Sophie a  human, Sam a human, Anthony a boy, Grandpa. Mrs B and Ugly a Goblin. It’s a really good book and you should read it. These books are Mystery books.  If you  are one of those  people who like these kind of book’s then  you should give it a go! If you read this book and enjoy it then please leave a comment and tell me what you thought.