Monday night

On Monday  night it was my Birthday and I got Amy Wine-house  new CD for my birthday and some other things to and I am now 12 and I love what I got for my birthday and the people that came were,Natasha , Olivia, Janie   and Meaghan oh  as well as Emma. and we went to the park  and what we had for tea was fish and chip’s  and it was  really yummy. After two hour’s we had cake  and I had  lots of  fun and I also hope that the others like it to.

My Birthday

Hello.   Wow  it’s my birthday  on  Monday .  I’m  almost  12  and  my favourite  colours are deep sky blue and deep pink  as well as deep purple.
I have heaps  of  friends   and I love pets.
We will be going to the  beach and the park. So this  all about my birthday.

Jump Jam

Jump jam  cool spot  fitness for everyone we should  like it  kind of  better then P.E. try may like it you it too p.e. is really awesome because if you play a spot you do all sort of staff that you can do like swimming netball  and other spot.I think that Ella  is really good at ene spot because she dis everything right and another Persian is  Danial h and I think they  would get in to the time when it happenings. Its really at  cool

About Me

Hello my name is Stevie  my favorite colour is deep sky blue  and deep sky pink  and I have some pets two cats one bird and one  rabbit There is four in my family. I’m  the youngest in my family there are  four of us  I have two parents and one sister and I have one bother that I have never meat be four. So that is all  about  me. In seven days is my birthday and its going  awesome!!! so how many pets do you have?.

Waikanae Pools

Wow what a day at  the pools.  Some  people might say  “What pool is it  and  I would  say.Waikanae  pool. Its really fun at the pools because you can play games  and go on the waterside u   could get some lollies, dink or  and  Icablock  as will as  a packet of  chicken chips  the pool is really fun  because u can play or have some food there. I’m going to say the best thing that I  was the waterside  and  as will as the pool.  Some people ask me to play and  I  said  yes  what would you say ? and what would u say it ?. What do u say about the   pool.U  can play  games and stuff.The water was a bit worm and cold at the same time.Its  really chilly when u get out  of the water.  big day out with the hole school  what a  really awesome day. There were some races going on to Mr Elms and Mrs Barney said 123 go the racers were really cool.

The Best Thing’s

Why is netball the best  sport  in the world  well it’s  fun  and  you get to learn  more and more  each year  if you play it . and the Passions that I play is Gk,Gd and Wd because  they are my best passions in the world.

My holiday

In the school holiday’s  I  had some  best friend’s over and it was so fun  because we did heaps of stuff and the friend name it  Tegan and they her stayed the night. one of the days  Emma and I  went to the downtown cinema to see the  lion king 3D and it  was so cool  and sad because .  But  you  have to see it for your South.  some people mite say  that its cool but I say it is  awesome because why?  it is  a  cool move.  Last Wednesday  it was EMMAS   birthday and  she went to the pool  for her birthday and  for tea she had hot chip and pizza and she got out two moves the people came to the pool with Emma were Nikita and I  oh  and  that was  all of my holiday  I hope you  like it. oh and I  went to the mall  with some friends to watch the star search  the people that win it were Rachel and chris they win $ 500 dollars that was cool and  they dance  and  that is how they win $ 500 dollars so that was my holiday.

Our day in the snow

Our day in the snow it was awesome. after School I went to Waikanae  and I went to my friends for tea and  then we had  a snow fight and that was awesome because we had the best day every. Because  it was cool and fun… and at school and at my friends house katie   and my sister Nikita went there to and so   did my mum and at school the snow  was on Monday  and that was off the hook.So then we  went back home and went to bed… So bye for now